Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that you partake in 3-4 Pilates Reformer workouts per week, or roughly one every other day. You can take anywhere between 1 and 5 classes per week and still see results. Though just like anything else in life, the more effort you apply, the more results you’ll achieve.

Please wear clothes that allow you a wide range of motion without inhibiting the moving components of the reformer. This usually means yoga pants, athletic pants or shorts, and workout tops for ladies and running/workout pants with properly fitting t-shirts for men.

No. Please wear toe socks or leave your feet bare for your Pilates reformer sessions.

No. Pilates reformer can benefits users of any age, from children to senior citizens. We encourage you to schedule a private consultation to learn about how to use the reformer and whether this form of exercise is beneficial for you personally. If you are registering a child, please contact our offices directly to learn more.

No. Pilates strengthening works to tone your muscles without adding extra bulk. Our classes usually result in strengthening the entire body as a whole and more elongated muscle toning. Joseph Pilates famously said that “true flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed.”

Pilates strengthening improves endurance, coordination and balance, all of which contribute to safe movement on the field or in practice.

Yes. Participation in Pilates provides exercise that aims to balance and improve muscle coordination, greatly affecting overall posture, whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or on your feet.

A Pilates reformer adds extra motion with each of your moves, causing you to compensate with micro movements to match the movement of the reformer – gradually improving your overall balance.

Yes. With proper instruction and use, a Pilates reformer is perfectly safe. We provide instruction from trainers with combined 35+ years’ experience.

Give us a call to inquire about special setups for our Your Body Keeps The Score Program