Our Elite Members Say

Before trying Pilates I was a person that hated exercise. I am stronger, my posture is greatly improved, and I had a 6.9% increase in bone density in one year. Luisa and Hugo modify depending on each student’s needs. Beginners all the way to advanced students are side by side working to their own individual levels. I wish I had discover Pilates Reformer years ago!

I love Luisa. I had a personal trainer for years at a major chain. Back injury from said chain made me think twice and I contacted Luisa. She has been fabulous. My pain is nearly gone after 2 mos of training and my body is transforming. I love Luisa!!!

I give Luisa and her staff 5 stars! She is great at explaining why we do certain combinations and is extremely helpful in providing alternatives for me. I have limited mobility due to a childhood injury and osteoarthritis but I feel so much better after a session. Luisa is very inspiring; I will miss her!

I have torn meniscus in both of my knees and could not even walk without intense pain. It was not until I started going to Elite Pilates Reformer (I’ve been going for almost 6 years!) that I felt renewed, reinvigorated and happy! Thanks to Luisa’s AMAZING training, detailed instructions, and wonderful sense of humor I am now able to do my daily activities and live my life to its fullest.